Our Natural Wax

Our wax is specially formulated to provide delicate, deep & effective hair removal. Our luxurious hard wax requires no strip and is made of plant based ingredients and elastomers, essential to ensure the highest quality of hair removal results. Our organic hard wax is safe; less painful, hygienic and cost effective leaving your skin smooth compared to other hair removal treatments available today.

• Eyebrows Maintenance
• Lip
• Chin / Facial
• Underarms
• Bikini
• Half Leg / Full Leg
• Half Arms / Full Arms
• Brazilian Wax
• Men’s Back & Shoulders
• Eyelash Tint
• Eyebrow Tint
• Nose
• Sideburns
• Cheek
• Hairline
• Full Face

Why our wax is different

Our hard wax hardens around the hair and not on the skin. Soft wax sticks to the skin and hair causing double irritation. Only the hair is uprooted and not the skin when our hard wax is pulled from your skin thereby making it less painful. On the other hand, pulling soft wax with a waxing strip often results in pulling and stretching of the skin along with the hair.

Soft wax, causes more abrasion on the skin making your waxing experience a more painful and uncomfortable experience. Bella Organic Wax can be reapplied on the area that is being waxed due to its organic benefits without causing any rash or irritation that soft wax can produce.
Our advantages:

• Smooth texture

• Strip-less therefore there’s no pulling, no tugging, no pain like traditional soft wax.

• Retains moisture allowing the skin to remain hydrated.

• Encapsules the hair from the root offering the highest results of hair removal.

• Hard wax melts at a lower temperature, while soft wax needs to be heated at high temperature.

• Increases blood supply to the area being treated and retains the underlying moisture while soothing the skin.

• Remains flexible and subtle on the skin.

• Our hard wax does not become brittle which makes it very successful on removing thick short and shaved hair.

• Perfect for sensitive areas like face, underarms and all intimate areas.

• For up to 4 – 6 weeks have beautiful, smooth, silky, hairless skin