Get longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes today!

Eyelash extensions are synthetic silk strands of hair, individually attached to your natural eyelash using a special bonding agent. The extensions are applied approximately (1)mm away from the skin, never coming into contact with it.



How are eyelash extensions applied? Do they damage my natural lashes?

Synthetic lashes are attached individually to your own lashes using a special adhesive, (1)-mm away from the skin. The application of extensions is no less damaging than applying mascara.

How long do they last?

Extensions can last up to 3-6 weeks, with proper aftercare. Since natural lashes fall daily (the extension attached), it is recommended to come every two weeks for maintenance.

Can I use an eyelash curler and mascara?

It is not recommended to use a curler or mascara, as the mascara will interfere with the adhesive and the curler will damage the extensions.